woa!may bay toa nhat the gioi ne!
day la san pham cua buoi trua hum wa do nha! neu ai chua duoc chiem nguong thi vo xem ha!


3 Responses to “03/09/07”

  1. dnl Says:

    k them, k them. Vi i chi muon xem ben trong co, hee. U dot nhap vao may bay de lay 1 po di

  2. Lop CH 15L Says:

    vao cai trang nay ne: http://www.360themes.com
    tha ho nghich theme
    Ma viet bnoc mi toan k tick vao muc highlight a?

  3. dnl Says:

    ne, i vao nham web of lop i (LopCH15L) de comment cho u. Hehe

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